Dora Creek Seventh-day Adventist Church

Families worshipping together

About Us

Dora Creek Seventh Day Adventist Church is a small country church with a strong congregation usually in excess of one hundred people. The people who attend are an even mix of all ages ranging from infants to elderly. We have many young families who are there to guide their children into a Godly start in life and to strengthen their families in this very difficult and trying period of Earth’s history.

The youth at Dora Creek Church are such a loving and talented group with so many of the fifteen to twenty five year olds encouraging our worship with beautiful classical music. Our Youth Orchestra comprises up to thirty musicians playing from violins and cellos to french horns and flutes and at times we are blessed with even pan-pipes.

The youth members who are not musically inclined are also made to feel welcome and worthy throughout all the church, this being such an important need for all young people. Being a musician is not a pre-requisite to be part of the gang as we recognize that every person has gifts to use and share with contributions to be made and respected for.

Young children are loved and encouraged to enjoy Sabbath School and also the hour of Worship where all the church members combine.
The middle aged members and visitors are a mix of people from all walks in life, all there to encourage and be encouraged.

The older members are one of the greatest blessings Dora Creek Church has because so many of them have so much worldly experience as International Missionaries, Retired Pastors, University Lecturers and Teachers. We have older members who carry memories from a war torn Europe and an unexplored New Guinea and all aspects of life in between. These people are also prompted and encouraged to share and educate the younger people with their heart felt and Godly love.

Please feel welcome to come and experience a church that understands God’s Love and have a genuine wish to help each other.

Sabbath Programs

Sabbath School: 9:30am
Song Service: 10:50am
Sabbath Service: 11:00am
Church Lunch: After church on the fourth Sabbath of most months, please see bulletin to confirm details.

Upcoming Speakers